Vaccination Schedule for Layers and Broilers

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Effective and proper vaccination programme in poultry is necessary to prevent mortality and losses from many dreadful poultry diseases. Vaccination programmes are available against the major poultry diseases. All birds reared on your farm either for your own stock or for sale to the public must be properly vaccinated.

(a) The schedule of vaccination should be as follows:

1.      Newcastle vaccine should be administered at the time of hatch or within first 7 days of age. One drop of vaccine in the eyes or one drop in the nostril is given. Care should be taken not to release the chick until it has inhaled the nasal drop and/or blinked its eye.

2.      Newcastle and Fowl Pox Vaccination: - This vaccination must be given when birds reach 6 weeks of age. Fowl Pox and Newcastle vaccine are suspended in 50% glycerin saline solution and the birds’ inoculated by the web stick method in the web of the wing.

(b) It is essential that all four vaccinations are given and in the proper sequence. A sufficient stock of properly refrigerated vaccine must always be kept on hand and all vaccinations are to be given according to instructions. It is equally important to observe birds after vaccination to make certain that the vaccine has been effectively given.

(c) Precautions

Water soluble antibiotic/electrolyte can be given in the water 4 days prior to and 5 days after the vaccination to reduce stress.


The vaccination schedule is a general guide. Each farm and area will require some changes in the schedule. Following table can be used as a general guideline.


Name of Vaccine


Age of birds

La Sota or F vaccine Newcastle

Intranasal drop

3 to 7 days

Marek's vaccine (in Hatchery)


1 day

Infectious Bronchitis (1st dose)

Eye drops

2 - 3 weeks

La Sota Newcastle

Drinking water

5 - 6 weeks

Fowl Pox (1st dose)

Wing Web

7 - 8 weeks

R2B Newcastle

Sub cut or Intramuscular

9 - 10 weeks

Infectious Bronchitis

Eye drop or drinking water

16 weeks

Fowl Pox (2nd dose)

Skin Scarification

18 weeks

La Sota (if necessary) Newcastle

Drinking Water

20 weeks

La Sota (if necessary) Newcastle

Drinking Water

40 weeks

It is necessary to keep proper records on date of vaccination and on vaccines used including type, brand, serial number, date of purchase and date of use of vaccine.



Name of Vaccine


3-5th day


Intra ocular or intra nasal

7-9th day

Infectious Bronchitis Disease.

Intra Ocular  or Drinking Water

16-18th day

Infectious Bronchitis Disease.

Drinking Water

24-26th day

Lasota (booster)

Drinking Water


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