Kenya National Poultry Improvement Program (KNPIP)

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The purpose of the KNPIP is to promote competitiveness of Kenyan poultry products and improve livelihoods of the small holder poultry keepers. It provides shared vision that can be used to mobilise all the actors along the value chain by setting up the necessary infrastructure for development of the poultry industry. Business opportunities for both women and youth are presented in the document as private investments that could see the development of rural chicken cottages addressing consumer safety concerns. The various poultry industry development institutions/NGOs can now focus on elements of the program for purposes of synergy.

Poultry production is an important income generating activity for Kenya’s rural smallholder families. Poultry contributes to the livelihood of an estimated 21 000,000 people.  The estimated poultry population is 30 million birds. This is the target group for this proposal developed by a team of experts appointed as a task force to look into ways of making the poultry sector more competitive.

The purpose of the Kenya National Poultry Improvement Project (KNPIP) is to promote competitiveness of Kenyan poultry products and improve the livelihoods of these people. The development of vibrant poultry market has been adversely affected by the slow growth and high mortality rates experienced in indigenous poultry production systems. Predation is also a major concern in indigenous poultry production. In addition to these market concerns, the overall poultry industry is disorganized. This impedes marketing of poultry and poultry products.  This project attempts to change this scenario by promoting private investment in poultry production, marketing facilities and appropriate technologies that will increase the competitiveness of Kenya poultry and poultry products both locally and internationally.

The implementation of KNPIP will substantially contribute to the attainment of Kenya’s long term plan and the Millennium Development Goals on Hunger and Poverty Reduction.   The support of the Government and development partners is anticipated to yield these results.   It is our hope that this support will be forthcoming. Should there be any clarifications we invite you to get in touch with the Deputy Director of Livestock Production, Hill Plaza Building 8th Floor. The document can be obtained from the same office. Any interested Private investors, donors or stakeholders, kindly link with Deputy Director Livestock Production for more information.


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