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Feed takes a massive 70% as the cost of production in poultry venture. It is therefore, important to purchase feed from a reputable feed miller with an assurance of consistent quality and performance. AKEFEMA members have a self regulatory mechanism to assure adherence to good manufacturing practices and esthetical of commercial procedures.

Variation in nutrient composition and quality of feed ingredients result in variations in feed composition and texture. This is due to variation in raw materials from season to season and even shipment to shipment.

It is essential to avoid



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First, you should consider the chickens responsible for fertilizing and laying the eggs. The eggs should come from healthy adult chickens that have a high fertility percentage, were not disturbed during mating season, were fed on a good diet, and are not related to each other.

Examine the eggs. They should also be of a regular shape and average size, not larger or smaller than a typical egg produced by your chickens. Their shells should display no holes or cracks because such damage could encourage disease organisms to penetrate the egg. With this same concern in mind, you should not wash or wipe the egg, as you could remove the egg's natural protective coating that guards against such organisms.


Sacking made me a millionaire

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Story and Photo: Geoffrey Rono

Source: Daily Nation (30th June 2011)

Chicken Millionaire

When he was dismissed as a driver with a book-publishing firm nine years ago, 49-year-old Sammy Tanui thought his life had come to an end.

To make matters worse, the sacking came hot on the heels of a three-month unpaid leave which he had asked for to attend to a domestic problem.

“After the initial shock, I collected myself and with the Sh200,000 that I had saved, I put a down payment for a Toyota pick-up and ventured into the dairy business,” says the father-of-three.


The First Poultry science degree in Kenya may soon be a reality!!

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The Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK) with the support of Prof Orban of Southern University at Shreveport Louisiana (SUSLA) developed the first degree courses on Poultry science. The initiative received further boost (bringing it closer to reality) following the signing of an MOU between these two Universities on June 20th 2011 by SUSLA Chancellor Dr. Ray Belton and GLUK Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dan Kaseje for exchange of lecturers to ensure high quality training.

Link... New agreement helps university in Kenya


New vaccine bringing hope to millions of poultry farmers

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The Standard newspaper (19/05/2011)

Four years ago, Eunice Mutiso, 45, lost her entire flock of chicken, to Newcastle Disease, a highly contagious viral disease affecting birds and considered as one of the most deadly poultry diseases worldwide.

It was not the first time the small-scale farmer from Kyeni Kyamanzaa in Machakos had lost her entire flock to the disease that has no cure, but it may have been the last time for her and many other indigenous poultry keepers.

Although effective vaccines are available from large pharmaceutical companies, they are rarely used by millions of poultry farmers in rural areas due to various challenges such as lack of electricity, cold storage facilities, poor infrastructure and unfavourable packages for small flocks.

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